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Gifts for You!

Om Aroma & Co.'s signature "Give, Give, Get" holiday tradition is back.

When you buy your Om Aroma & Co. products and holiday presents, you'll receive up to $424.00 in gifts, gifts, gifts!

Expires December 31, 2013. Only applies to Om Aroma products. 

Think... gifts for office colleagues, family, friends... or for yourself. Your gift items will be added to your order after you place it, they will not show in your shopping cart.

  • Purchase $75, get our travel-friendly Chardonnay Cream ($20 value)
  • Purchase $150, get the Chardonnay Cream PLUS the petite Manuka Honey Sugar Scrub ($40 value)
  • Purchase $300, get the Sugar Scrub, Chardonnay Cream AND our Caviar Eye Cream! ($98 value)
  • Purchase $400, and you get the Sugar Scrub, Chardonnay Cream, Caviar Eye Cream and, drum roll please... our award-winning Pumpkin Serum! ($156 value)
  • Purchase $500 and you'll get all of the above PLUS you'll be entered in a raffle to win our complete Gorgeous Goddess Kit, customized to the skin type of your choice! One lucky winner will receive this prize. The drawing will take place on January 1, 2014 with delivery in the new year. (Up to $424 value)

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