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The Om Story


Like a lot of good things, it all started with an itch.

This itch was the result of a most inopportune rash. Om Aroma & Co. founder, Angela Jia Kim, was preparing to step on stage in her role as touring 
concert pianist, when she developed an allergic reaction to a body lotion she applied just before her performance. 

The show went on, but Angela stepped off the stage with a new determination.

Back in her hotel room, Angela read the label on the rash-inducing lotion and counted 55 ingredients, most of which were chemicals. Two close family members had recently been diagnosed with cancer, leading her to question the long-term effects of chemicals and preservatives in items most of us use every day.

Motivated by a passion for organic living, Angela resolved to create chemical and preservative-free organic skin care products made from the purest ingredients. Experimenting in her Manhattan kitchen and applying the same rules for perfection that made her a successful pianist, she created the perfect skin cream after 1000 tries. It took repeated testing on herself and her supportive husband, Marc, before Angela was satisfied enough to begin giving it out to friends and family as gifts. 

The organic creams were an instant hit. Meanwhile, she sent the formula to a cosmetic chemist for testing. It was found to be a perfect formula prompting the chemist to ask Angela how she was able to make it without a chemistry background. The answer, of course, is 1000 tries. 

Angela’s passionate hobby was about to become a serious business. Working with a team of holistic formulators, aromatherapists, and skin care experts Angela created Om Aroma, a line of organic skin care products free of parabens, formaldehyde, mineral oil, and synthetic fragrances. 

Soon after its launch, Om Aroma won four gold medals at the 2008 Beauty Olympics beating out some industry giants; Om Aroma became recognized for its sophisticated combination of beauty with pure organic ‘green’ ingredients. All products are made in the USA. “Sexy Green Has Arrived”.



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